Apr 14

Photoshop Tips Part 1

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Mar 14

Brandt’s wildlife photography exhibit in Jackson Hole

The snaps of African wildlife clicked by Nick Brandt create a strikingly intimate link with the wild animals he takes pictures. National Museum of Wildlife Art based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming opens the exhibit named “Elegy: The African Photography of Nick Brandt, 2001 – 2008″ on 18th January, 2014, offering a selection of these animal snaps which capture Nick’s individualized view of species within the context of their environment. The exhibit would be on display in King Gallery throughout Jackson Hole’s ski season and it would end on 20th April, 2014.

Photographer Nick, who once was a high profile music videos maker, fell in love with Africa while he was directing the music video for Earth Song in 1996. He acquired an unconventional white and black fine art advance to wildlife photography which uses a medium format camera as well as a portrait or wide angle instead of a telephoto lens.

Recently, in an interview with a leading magazine, Nick told that he never planned to be a photographer, but he had always wanted to somehow capture his passion for animals visually, and it was only when he visited East Africa that he realized that there was a way to achieve this through photography, and in a way very personal to him.

He added that he wanted his images to achieve two things in this regard – to be an elegy to a world that is tragically vanishing, to make people see what beauty is disappearing. And, also, to attempt and show that animals are sentient creatures that are equally as worthy of life as humans.

Mar 14

My Photography & Adobe Photoshop Tips & Tricks Episode 16 – Photoshop & Illustrator Together

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Feb 14

Photoshop Tips – 11 Blurring effect with brushes

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Jan 14

Magnificent snaps from Wildlife

Magnificent snaps of nature at its most inspiring and dramatic go on the show at the Nature in Art exhibit of award winning snaps nest week. Starting from soaring eagles to pouncing foxes to tiny harvest mice to prowling lions – every image in renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards would amaze and astonish.

After its set up at Natural History Museum, the exhibit starts nationally at Twigworth gallery later on Tuesday and goes on for 2 months, offering everyone the scope to see the magnificent photographs. The internationally recognized contest, which is now in its forty ninth year, has drawn approximately forty three thousand entries by both amateur and pro photographers from ninety six nations. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Graphic Design: Photoshop Tips : How to Create a PDF File With Adobe Photoshop

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Dec 13

Awesome Photoshop Tips & Tricks Part 1

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Nov 13

Making a Crest Using Photoshop : Photoshop Tips

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