May 15

Crear Marco Polaroid en Una Imagen – Photoshop Tips y Trucos Vol. 4

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Apr 15

Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium offers photography course

LUMCON, i.e. the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, is all set to offer the Coastal Landscape Photography 2015 workshop and course from 17th to 22nd May at LUMCON’s DeFelice Marine. Nicholls State University’s Gary LaFleur and South Eastern Louisiana University’s Dennis Sipiorski are the instructors for this course and would lead people in daily excursions to locations across the coastal zone of southeast Louisiana.

The course that could be taken for credit or as an informational showcase, is offered to heighten participant understanding of coastal environments as well as Southeast Louisiana’s the rich coastal culture.

In the week long course, participants would stay at Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium’s DeFelice Marine Center. The cost of the course is US$ 350 plus the cost of board and room, and field trips, photography supplies and vessel time are covered by the course fee.

Applicants are asked to have at least a primary understanding of photography along with a 35 mm camera. Those who are interested must apply by 15th April. Continue reading →

Apr 15

How to Get Rid of Pen Points in Photoshop : Photoshop Tricks & Skills

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Mar 15

Photoshop Tips – Eyedropper Tool

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Feb 15

Albany exhibit features local photographers and artists

Ekphrasis III, a showcase of photography and poetry by mid-valley artists and writers, would be on display during February at South Santiam Hall Gallery at Linn-Benton Community College, 6500 Pacific Blvd. SW in Albany.

The showcase features twenty-six snapshots by Willamette Valley PhotoArts Guild members, accompanied by the poems they cheered from the student as well as faculty poets at Linn-Benton Community College.

A reception along with a book release would take place from noon to 1 pm, 11th Feb, Wednesday, in the gallery, when poets would read from their works and they would be available to sign the exhibit catalog copies. Continue reading →

Feb 15

Photoshop Tricks – Teeth Whitening in Adobe Photoshop

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Jan 15

[ Thủ thuật - tricks ] photoshop tricks 3D Effects

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Dec 14

French Wildlife Photography event support Pangolin conservation

The conservation troubles confronting pangolins were in the limelight at the Annual Festival de la photo animaliere de Montier-en-Der film festival this year. Pangolin experts from the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group, TRAFFIC and the Tikki Hywood Trust spoke about the increasing threats to all these scaly anteaters.

The pangolin experts were there thanks to backing from Photographes pour la preservation de la Nature (PPNAT), who selects to raise awareness every year regarding a specific conservation issue. PPNAT photographers, this year, used their work to exhibit the plight of pangolins and would be showcasing their pangolin conservation work at more top events throughout the European continent in the forthcoming years.

There are 8 pangolin species across the world, 4 in Africa as well as 4 in Asia, bur with increasing demand for pangolins in Asia, both for their scales that are used in making traditional medicines as well as for their meat, which is eaten as a luxury dish. Africa is increasingly getting used as a place for animals.

Close to six-hundred kilo-gram of pangolin scales have been clutched at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport in France since 2009, that includes a shipment of 250 kilo-gram seized this year in July en route to Lao PDR from Nigeria. Tikki Hywood Foundation’s founder and CEO Lisa Hywood told that Africa has become the target and thousands of pangolins scales from the continent are now being seized in Asia.