Photoshop Tips – Eyedropper Tool

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  1. zingzingzingbahh

    Thanks for the tute! Do you know whether the eye dropper tool can be used
    to select an image that has been uploaded, allowing you to paint that
    image, as if it were a colour? (so you can effectively redraw the whole
    image, with your paint brush) I’ve just switched over from Adobe Flash
    Prof, and this function worked there, so I think it should be possible…
    can’t find it! Please help! thank you!

  2. tnx men halp alot

  3. Lool Lucy ,, wrong but right..

  4. this guy if a fucking cunt, he doesnt even explain how to use the tool
    proper, he just waffles through. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS HOW I USE THE TOOL
    YOU DICKHEAD!!! and your voice is annoying

  5. nice tut/thank you